March 2, 2024

Many people believe that ketamine treatment is a one-size-fits-all type of medical approach. However, there are various forms and techniques for using this medication. There are nasal sprays, ketamine tablets for depression, and IV injections.

Despite this variety, the ketamine infusion method is known as the most efficient one. Here are a few treatment methods using the ketamine drug.

Ketamine infusion

This is the most popular and efficient of all. You can receive this type of treatment under medical supervision. You should go to a hospital or a clinic. You will get the drug as an intravenous treatment. This form of IV treatment consists of a combination of two ketamine molecules, which are known as “S” and “R.” This formula has been known and used for years in operating rooms for various medical procedures that require a patient to be sedated. But currently, this formula is used for treating depression patients. However, medical care providers are prescribing it as an off-label method, as the FDA has not approved it for anything other than general anesthesia.

Ketamine infusions are also recommended for patients with bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders, in addition to treating depression and suicidal ideation.Due to the preparations associated with the IV or infusion technique, it is difficult to get it at home. You need a licenced medical facility for this purpose. And the injecting session usually lasts between 40 and 45 minutes.

Intramuscular injection

This method is not very different from the infusion technique. The only obvious difference is in the injection spot. In this method, a medical care provider chooses the spot to be in a large muscle in a patient’s body. So, it basically depends on injecting a patient with one shot of the drug. Another similarity between both methods is the duration of the injection session which ranges between 40 and 45 minutes.

Ketamine home treatment

Home ketamine treatment is also known as ketamine lozenges for depression. You can get ketamine tablets that are made for home use. This type of treatment is categorised as “off label” as it does not have FDA approval at the moment. But it comes with many benefits that can explain its popularity. For instance, this option is very easy to use. You can get these tablets and use them like any other over-the-counter drug you are used to. All it takes to enjoy its effect is to place it under your tongue and wait for the tablet to completely dissolve.

Aside from ease of use, you can enjoy fast results regarding depression and anxiety symptoms. This type of treatment is not risky at all. As long as you are committed to the right doses, your condition will improve without becoming addicted to the drug.

Nasal drops

Ketamine nasal drops fall into the category of the well-regarded types and techniques of ketamine treatment. This type of treatment can be obtained at home or at your doctor’s office. The FDA has approved a specific product of nasal ketamine drops to treat mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, insomnia, depression, and so on.