July 22, 2024

As a rapidly growing franchisor of nine distinct boutique fitness brands, Xponential Fitness has established itself as a significant player in the global fitness industry. With over 3,000 studios open and 6,250 more in the pipeline worldwide, the company is expanding its reach and empowering a new generation of fitness entrepreneurs.

Xponential’s multibrand portfolio and established support infrastructure can make diving into small business ownership in the fitness space more manageable. Franchisees consistently praise the step-by-step guidance, specialized expertise, and ongoing assistance the Xponential corporate team provides across essential business functions like marketing, studio development, and more.

“Lean in and learn from those who know more and have more success,” advises Beth Georges, who owns multiple Xponential franchise locations. Rather than trying to be an expert in everything, Georges relies on the playbooks and dedicated teams at the Xponential headquarters to fill in the gaps.

However, Georges and other franchisees quickly note that buying into a franchise is no guarantee of success. Like any small business, fitness studio ownership requires hard work, adaptability, and business savvy. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that many small businesses fail within the first few years, making Xponential’s multi-brand model and robust support system valuable assets in a challenging landscape.

To thrive in this environment, successful franchisees emphasize key strategies like staying agile in the face of setbacks, committing to ongoing learning, and maintaining an unwavering focus on customer needs and preferences. Building solid relationships with fellow owners and developing a standout staff is also crucial, especially as franchisees expand to multiple locations.

“Make sure you know what your customer wants,” Georges stresses. “Provide the best customer service possible.” Equally important is building a team that shares your vision. “Know what is important to your staff, especially your key employees. Help them realize their dreams. In doing so, you help your business grow and thrive.”

While the Xponential model aims to smooth the path to studio ownership and expansion, franchisees caution that there are no shortcuts to lasting success. It takes dedication, resilience, and a willingness to learn and adapt.

It also helps to build a business around a fitness modality you genuinely believe in, says Georges. “If you are looking at franchises that you might consider buying, my suggestion is to buy into something that fuels your passion,” she advises. “I have found that if you are passionate about the work you do in your business, the work is more fun. And that’s the ultimate success — making great money doing something you love!”

By combining their passion for fitness with sound business practices and leveraging Xponential’s expertise and multi-brand ecosystem, franchisees are finding ways to carve out their place in a crowded and competitive industry. Their insights offer valuable lessons for anyone considering leaping into fitness entrepreneurship.